Certified Equine Rehabilitation Practioneer (CERP)

Certified Equine Rehabilitation Practioneer (CERP)


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SpeaKeRS This education means a real step forward in your professional life!www.u-tenn.orgJoão Paulo MarquesDVm, cerPcertified in Animal Chiropractic (iVca), Veterinary acupuncture (iV aS) He is an FEI Official Veterinarian for Jumping, Dressage, eventing and Driving. honorary member of iVca, member of the board of Directors of the interna-tional association of Veterinary rehabilitation and Physical therapy (iaVrPt) and President of the Portuguese associa-tion of Veterinary acupuncture (aPamV). he is founder and Director of the equine veterinary practice equidesporto in Portugal, and he was co-founder and Director of the equine rehabilitation centre hidrovet. steve adaIrmS, DVm, cerP Diplomate american college of Veterinary Surgery, Diplomate american college of Veterinary Sports medicine & rehabilitation and certified in Animal Chiroprac-tic by the american Veterinary chiropractic association, associate Professor of equine Surgery (university of tennessee – knoxville) and Director of the equine Performance medicine and rehabilitation centerThe University of Tennessee Equine and Canine Rehabil-itation Certificate Programs (CERP and CCRP) are the only RACE approved and university based credential program for rehabilitation education.

The cerP program begins with an online Lecture Series, fol-lowed by the Live hands-on Lab Series and afterwards the on-line case Presentations and final exam.the high standards for admission and the curriculum assure graduates that the cerP and ccrP credentials are recognized as the premiere program in equine and canine rehabilitation. it is taught by world wide accredited speakers and includes ac-tive university instructors, expert clinicians and researchers. the curriculum draws from ongoing research, evidence based case studies, clinical experience, and availability of leading modali-ties in the fields of veterinary medicine. as we all spend a very intensive time together, there is a lot of opportunity to discuss open questions beyond the course hours. this makes this education so effective. we work in small groups during the labs and also when working up cases. thus this course combines theoretical knowledge, evidence based with a high impact of recent research and interactive on animal labs. a lot of emphasis is put on teamwork also when discussing re-hab cases, experiences in different countries and with different material/units. Interested? Don’t hesitate and simply fill in the registration form on page 4. I am looking forward to hearing from you.

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